Hey there all, I have recently been influenced to pick up guitar. I'm 19 so I know I'm getting sort of a late start, but wish me luck anyway haha. Oh, The Black Keys is actually what inspired me. I heard the Magic Potion album and decided I had to learn. I'm mostly into electric souther blues type of stuff, but am just starting so I guess I'll try to learn all the chords first haha. Anyway, just poppin my head up to say hi to the community! -Wiggly
good luck wiggly.
your not starting too late at all, but yea, start small and work your comfort zone out.
i just started playing a year ago and never looked back.
Welcome. 19 is not a late start. Good luck and learn as much as you can.
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Hi Wiggly,

You made a mistake when you made this thread. You should always use the threads stickied at the top of any forum when they apply to what you're going to post.

This is a good place to make one of those kind of mistakes.
It's not likely you'll get a warning for a mistake like that here.
In the other forums, it's different.

Please go back and read the rules.
Knowing them, will help keep you out of trouble.
That way you will be able to hang out with us, instead of getting banned.

I'll report this thread, so that it gets closed. Don't worry too much about that.
But if your threads in the other forums get reported, definitely worry.


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