im looking for a new amp

a stage worthy amp or just an upgrade from the feeble
little practice amp that i have.

any suggestions?
What music style do you play and what's your budget... unless you're interested in a Crate GT212, because I live in Oxnard too and I'm selling one for really cheap.
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Eh, no offense, but that is not a good amp (I suppose that's why you're selling it).

LOL, I'm not going to lie and say its a good amp (because it isn't), but threadstarter if you need something loud to stick a pedal in front of, I have the cheapest option you're going to find.
I know what you mean lol. I'm selling my Spider II, and I thought about advertising it on here. But then I thought, "I spend all my time on here telling noobs not to get Spiders and the like, I can't go and sell one to them". So I put it on Craigslist instead.