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...I sincerely apologize for the wall of text, but if you are
interested, this will definately help you out.


I've been seeing a recent demand from people, that they want to be able
to sing and play guitar at the same time. What I am going to share
today is meant to help you no matter what genre\difficulty of song you are

While I certainly don't consider myself an expert at this, not even
close (I just attempted to sing and play one a while ago, lasted 20
seconds, and that was it. I started for real 2 months ago), I have realized
some things that maybe other people have a hard time understanding, or
maybe they don't even see it how I do. I plan on perfecting it by the
end of the year.

Have you ever seen bands like green day, system of a down, strum power
chords while singing? If you've tried to do this yourself, and are
reading this, chances are it felt extremely difficult to do, And you froze
up. Ever see bands like Behemoth, Origin, and Necrophagist play and
sing at the same time and just wanted to cry because they seemed so
inhuman?if you listen to me and mix in your own creativity you'll have that
down in no time.

To get you started, do this: grab your guitar, call your sibling,
parent, friend, or whatever over, and tell them to start talking to you.
Start playing the guitar, whatever you want to play, and try to hold the
conversation with them. A few months ago I would be playing guitar and
my brother would come and ask me something, and I'd wait till I held a
chord or something to reply with a monotone "yes" or "no" and my brother
commented on how I sounded like a robot . Do this for a few
days, trying to have more intricate dialogue, while playing guitar. It will
get you used to using both parts of the brain at the same time, and
prepare you for what's to come.

After a few days (or weeks) of doing that, you should find It easier to
talk while playing. Now, singing and growling is a little different,
because you use the language AND the musical sides of your brain at the
same time. So you have to think about hitting the right notes on
guitar, and with your voice.

Exercise 1: hold a power chord, and slowly count to 4. Hit it again,
and repeat. Then, hit the power chord, count to 2, move to another power
chord on the 3 count and hold it till 4, and do it again. After that,
hit a different power chord for each count. I recommend moving the power
chords around on the same string at first, and later on you can change
it around

Exercise 2: this time, we will play a power chord on the 1 count with
no vocals, hold a vocal note/growl for the 2 count with no guitar, and
repeat for the 3 and 4 counts. Do this until you feel comfortable with
it, and then gradually change the chords and hummed notes/growl until
you change it up for every count.

After you do these for a little while, find a really stupid and simple
song or melody that has lyrics, such as twinkle twinkle, smells like
teen spirit, or sweet dreams by Marilyn Manson, how the only time you
sing is when you play a certain riff, or when the melody is retardedly

What I need you to do, is practice the riffs where there are vocals
over it, non stop. I'm saying you gotta eat, bathe, ****, and breathe that
riff, man! Play it night and day, no matter how easy it gets. After a
week or more of constant playing and repetition of the riff, try
playing it while thinking of the lyrics in your head, being sing in your
mind. If you mess up the riff, it means you didn't play It enough, so try
again! If you don't mess up, it means you have it in your subconsious
now and you can try singing over it.

If you are still having trouble, pay attention to the song, what notes
are being played while you say what, where certain words start and end,

-your pal

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So you've read this much, eh? Good, with what I told you above, just practice it and in a few weeks or months youll be able to sing and play simple songs with the ease or pros. Now, this section (which will be done soon)will be geared more towards the jazz fans or metalheads, because it will deal with singing over odd time signatures, extremely difficult riffage, how to deal with singing over improvisation, etc. This means youll be able to play riffs worthy of Muhammad Suicmez, Nergal, Chet Atkins, etc.
Well i read the whole wall. there are some things that are useful here. If u are planning to take this lesson furthur . I suggest that u do it properly. I mean first start with how to sing
with running rhytym and then u can tell all about on how to sing on power chords. And i think it's ok here
Pretty cool thread. I can sing a bit while playing, but not great. This is a pretty good way to go through with it, though how I do it is learn the song you want to play/sing and learn it thoroughly. Play it as many times as possible (hundreds maybe) and do it with it out looking or really paying attention. Then learn the lyrics, singing them however you want that'll sound good. It's much harder to make up lyrics on the spot than to truely know them. But it'll all be good when you are better. When you know the playing and singing, try putting them all together. Remember the placement of lyrics in the song. Listen to the song to understand where the words fit. Just practice and you'll get better.
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this was pretty helpful...i cant sing and play at the same time and every mucian i know ridicules me for that.......or did......i took care of it.....