ok well
A friend of mine might be doing it on the weekend. he just wants to try a few puffs just to try it cuz my mate. i mean his mate has some left over weed.
im wondering whats it like and how much till i feel it?
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Meh.. I've never smoked weed, I have no Imput..

Just don't smoke a lot..
well u might not feel it ur first time cause u dont know how it feels but if u get the good stuff u should feel it a few minutes from the first toke, just enjoy man
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It's gonna take more than a few puffs to get high on your first time.

Also, there's a Drug thread for a reason
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me first time i was dizzy. second time i was bakkkked.

its good ur not doin much ur first time, ull be geared up for later

btw lots of washington people in this thread sofar(me too)
Most people dont get much on their first time. Get enough to make it last you a couple of days, and you should begin to feel it regularly on the second or third time.
Happy smoking.
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From experience, the only time I've ever seen anyone act as stupid as stoners are portrade was when that person was that stupid when they were sober. Smoking weed isn't normaly that intence, time kinda skews and you just feel good, if your friend can't act normaly then he probably isn't normal to beggin with.
Ok well as long as you inhale properly you will be fine. Do it with someone who has experience with it.

Expect to feel really weird... and hungry... very, very hungry.

The first time I got baked, I smoked a lot, went into a gas station, thought the world had turned sideways. So I bent over completely, stuck my ass in the air, and walked out of the gas station. I thought I was the only one in the world who realized it was actually sideways and stood up straight.
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Chances are you won't feel anything your first time. I didn't feel anything until my second or third time. If you feel it it'll happen almost right away or within a few minutes. Most first time smokers that I've encountered don't know how to take hits, therefor they don't feel it until they get the hang of it.
people who don't feel anything their first time didn't inhale properly.

there's no explanation for the chemical not getting to their brain. get someone to teach you how to use a bowl properly, or roll a joint. with a bowl, you start with your thumb or finger on the carb (that's the little hole in the side), light the lighter, suck air down through the bowl and pipe into your mouth (don't breath through, it's weak, suck with your mouth like you were using a straw, THEN inhale in puffs). as you see the weed in the bowl start to turn red, pull off on the carb, take a puff, and if you're still feeling it you can cover the carb again and keep going. that's why I usually roll joints for first timers, you just puff it (again, into your mouth first, you DRAG on something with your mouth and lips, then inhale the smoke you get from the drag).

for a first-timer, I'd start with like 4 good puffs that you ACTUALLY pull into your lungs. it's easy to smoke more if you want to get higher, trying to come down after getting too high is a little more tricky. and on your first time you don't want to get mind-blowingly ****ed, you just want to experience it and feel it out, so that should be an okay dose at first, and you can adjust accordingly.

relax, enjoy it, it's really not that crazy.
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