I'm writing an essay on me learning a lesson about communication. Long story short I need a song about said topic.

I thought i might include an overview of it:

I took the class for an easy credit, and easy hour, and something fun to do during my day because I’ve already been playing for 3 years beforehand. We ended up getting some separate groups together from every class period. We all had different music and different groups. I got "stuck" with an intermediate group who really didn't know what they were doing. So I had a month to teach them how to read the songs that we needed to learn, to get them coordinated, and to get them ready and confident. I ended up teaching them not only the songs themselves, but how to play all sheet music, to be confident in their playing, and to get them all coordinated. I wrote easy sheet music at home for them to practice the next day. I, in a sense, had my own little class. We got a silver medal because one of us didn't show up (family problem), and I had to assign someone else the part. I'm happy we got silver at that, seeing as how we should've not even been in the top 3.
A good one is "Here's Your Letter" Blink 182 but if you want something a little bit more in depth try Iris by the Go Goo Dolls because that's about not wanting to tell anyone about how you feel.

If you want something a little less pop let me know
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