I'm looking into getting a Fender Tube Amp (probably a Hot Rod Deville) I've heard from a lot of sources that the drives aren't exactly great on Fender Tube amps, so therefore, what kinds of pedals do you think I should get for some solid distorted tones. I already have a Boss Fuzz Pedal and an Ibanez Tube Screamer.

Also, the overall guitar tone I'm looking for is David Gilmour mixed with Eric Clapton and George Harrison. Would Fender Hot Noiseless Pick Ups get me that? If not, what will?

P.S. I play a Mexican Strat.
Awesome. I knew the Tubescreamer could do more than just boost tone, but my Solid State Fender wouldn't let me.

What about the pick-ups. I'm a really big fan of Fender, so I am strongly looking at those.
^don't get noiseless. i have the hot noiseless, and i don't really like it now. i first thought they were spectacular pickups. but then as my ears mature for tone, it seems like you lose all the high end response. no chime in my sound now. I'm getting a boutique handwound pickup set from UK to replace my hot noiseless set.

if and only if you're such a fender fan, and you want the noiseless, PM me and i'll sell you my hot noiseless set.
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