I've been drumming for just about 2 years now, but i concentrate on mainly the grades instead of just learning random songs.

I want to take up bass *as well as drumming* but be a lot less strict about it, and leave grades and stuff out of it.

The downside is...i know NOTHING about bass other than i can count the strings, and can actually play it unlike the guitar *big hands*.

So...any reccomendations about good basses and amps for beginners, i saw an ibanez (gsr???) for 170quid before, wondered if that was any good.

steve vai has the biggest hands i have ever seen on a human look at how well he does on the old 6 string
yeah, well maybe its my hands and the fact that im a retard :S

oh, and joe satch is WAY cooler than vai....so nyer!
Yeah man..im 6'7" and have huge hands. I thought playing the guitar would be impossible but after 6 months or so ..I have learned easily how to get around the fret board and feel blessed that I got these large hands. Anyway don't let that stop you from anything even the guitar.
well you cant go wrong with an ibanez....

but you should go to a shop and play a few different ones. i personally LOVE jazz basses for their tone and necks. the way the necks (width, radius, all that) vary on basses have always felt way more pronounced to me than on guitars. even though i dont have a problem playing the notes i want on either one, it just seems a lot different with a bass.

if youre playing drums already, seems like you might be able to jam with one of your mates' bass amps for awhile before jumping into that too, just a thought
Yeah, i want an affordable bass, and quite a few people i've spoken to have reccomended that ibanez so what the heck?

yeah, im a guy of average height and i have bigger hands than everyone i know, i'm not a guitar person though as i've probably said.
...and in terms of jamming with a mates bass amp, there are 3 people out of 300 in my year that own a bass guitar.
i guess that means you need an amp then?

well, cant say much about a variety of amps, but my ibanez sw65 does well for me with sound and power; only cost like $220. ive never jammed with peeps with larger guitar amps than say 30-60watts and sometimes i think my bass amp needs more power (yea, ive played the role of guitarist and bassist several different times). the sw65 matches my 30w fender guitar amp pretty well, so anyway, let someone else help yea here :thumbs up:

how much are you looking to spend?
tbh im not too sure. ideally i'd want the bass and amp for about 300 quid.

i saw a couple of hartke amps in the range of 100quid on soundcontrol *manchester guitar shop site* the other day, so probably one of those