Well, basically, I told my Mom I did much better in my exams than I actually did. But I didn't do it out of spite, I'll explain.

When our results came in, we were called to the front of the class one by one and shown a big spreadsheet with names and results on, and I misread mine completely.

I didn't realize for at least a month and I felt over the moon with my 'wrong' result. Then I started to realize when my maths teacher, (in which I did the test for) wanted a word with me after lessons. I'm a predicted A student but I got a C, one mark off a B.

Now, I told my mom I got an A, because I honestly thought I had. And ever since I realized I actually got a C, it's been pulling me apart not telling her all summer, so this morning I did.

She wouldn't listen to me and all I could get out of her was ' I'm never going to trust you again Sean'. and she barged out the door and went straight to work afterwards.

Wtf do I do? I didn't mean to be a lying fraud, and I know I should have told her earlier but I just thought it might blow over. I'm scared
tell her the truth

if she's any sort of decent parent she'd understand you made a mistake
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Did you tell her why you litterally thought you had an A? Or did you just say you lied to her and you actually have a C.

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Rub Icy hot on her !
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I did tell her this morning, that's why she went mad at me. I don't think she understands properly though.
Explain her your situation, and then smack / Hit her, if she's still acting like a bitch.!
Esp Eclipse II VTB :i i fucking love her.
Gold and black on 1 guitar = succes
When she comes back from work just explain it to her again and she'll soon get over it.

She probably doesn't realise you made a mistake.

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Thanks for suggestions everyone, I'll try and get back to you on what happens
Look at this in retrospect and you'll realize what a ridiculous statement "I'm never going to trust you again" is. She'll get over it.