i've been trying to find out if Petrucci and Satch mainly use one scale for their solos, especially petrucci tho. I've been looking at some of his solos, especially extended ones in songs like Dance of Eternity, but can't seem to figure out which scale he mainly uses, if there is one specific one to get this feel. If it varies in every song just tell me and i'll shut up ^^
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
Petrucci and Satriani are both big modal players. Learn the modes.
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well ya see...most artists dont stick to just one or two scales or modes. if they did there work would be sooo boring. as alter-bridge said they both usually do use alot of modes..but thats not nessesarily all they use. good musicians should be versitle enough to use anything.
I think one of Satchs favourite is Phrygian Dominant, along with Mixolodian. He uses them all though, thats why hes such a great player!
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Petrucci tends to favor the Aeolian and Phrygian modes primarily, although you'll hear all modes in DT's music.