Right now I have a crappy Squire Strat , but I want to get something better. I will be testing and comparing the guitars.

I;m looking for a quality guitar

My budget is 200 bucks, but I could go higher...250 is my max.

I like playing Punk and metal.

About $250. Good for the price, but of course not the best. I have it by the way.
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My advice would be to save up for a better guitar, the $200 range is hardly any better then your squier.

those two if you can expand your budget my just a little bit. They are good guitars for that price. otherwise you can look at something like this: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-GRG170DX-Electric-Guitar?sku=512496 even though i wouldn't recommend it really.

edit: and ^ is correct
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
The thing is, I have like 450 bucks, but 250 is for a new mp3......I could spend a little more...
My advice would be to save up for a better guitar, the $200 range is hardly any better then your squier.

Very true, the Squier retails for around $250 right now for the basic models. Most guitars in your price range wouldn't be much better quality. You might want to check out a few pawn shops, I've run across some very good guitars at decent prices, but you have to look around a bit, most are overpriced and many will need maintenance and setups.

I would agree with the above advice, save up for a better guitar. I play a Squier Strat too, and I love it. I've played a bunch of newer american made strats and none sounded or played as good so far. Mine also plays great. I guess I happened to snag one with better pickups and a good neck. I played it through my own amp before buying it, so I knew it would sound good before shelling out any money.

As far as other brands, I like some of the newer Ibanez guitars pretty well, and Peavey has started making some good guitars the past few years. Some of the Wolfgang models are nice. I played a Peavey ES 335 copy at a local music store not long ago I'd like to have bought, they had it on sale for $225, I just couldn't splurge for a new guitar at the time. I saw a couple of others I liked pretty well lately but can't remember brands and models. Hey, I've slept since then!
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