bargaining with antiques your body is so old
like a whale without skin on its giant whale bones
your tail helps you swim and your fins align the stream
while your corpse is still rotting with murderers and thieves.

You breathe so rarely like the cold has slowed you down
lights are still flickering in the street where you were found
If you fall in and out, do you hear the dogs that bark?
or does it appear as a vague --- question mark.

if you're not listening - well neither am I.
if you're not listening - well neither am I.
theres a force field around you
that sets everything alight.
but if you're not listening - well neither am I.

you can taste smoke as it filters through your lungs
You can call up your best friend to tell her what you've done
your heart is mechanical with automated springs
and you hair is all knotted, like you slept on it..


okay, so this is a song I've recorded,
you can hear it on my myspace.com profile (below)
if you're interested. It's demo quality. yeah.
So I'm pretty proud of these lyrics, feel free to
destroy them, or even better crit so
I can improve annoying things.