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Which FF games are favourite amongst UGers and why?

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If were talking in terms of newer FF games then its gotta be X, such a vast and vivid story and great characters, although personally i dont really like the sphere grid system and am more into say the junction system of FF8

But in terms of older games i bought FF4 for the GBA last year and absoluetly love it, that game was a real turning point for the series, **** graphics, but the characters and gameply shone through

Im also really into the job system in FF5,3 etc. , the whole experimentation side for me is something i love

FF are probably the only games i play nowadays , nothing beats levelling your party going to a new town buying some new equipment and going into some new dungeon

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i dont really like the sphere grid system and am more into say the junction system of FF8

Snap, I think the junction system is awesome. I remember people moaning about just drawing until you have 100 of the spells and junctioning them.... but if you wanted a decent party to kick Omegas ass and what not, you needed more of the harded to get spells such as Aura to make your party the shizzle!
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

I'm losing my grip, 'cos I'm losing my fingers.
I loved 8 and 9 especially. i thought 7 was great, but nothing as special as people make it out to be. i can appreciate at the time of release it was pretty damn uber but in the 21st century i think a bit of the appeal had gone. its still a classic though. i'll give them that. 10 was awesome too, although a bit narrower than the previous installments though... (paths ftl)... but all the end game extra stuff was nice. with the dark aeons and becoming uber but i never beat penance thanks to my laziness towards the sphere grid, which did the job and nothing else really.

but my all time favourite..... Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!! i really don't know why but i was seriously hooked on that game. i completed it after i got it but every time i went away on holiday or something, i'd take it with me and get re-hooked again. you can build different teams every single game, kill montblanc, advance in story or just defend your turf 24/7. don't know why, but that was seriously awesome for me.

and Final Fantasy 3 on DS isn't bad either.
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Yeah I'm gonna be boring and say VII was my favourite too.

FFIV was amazing despite it being a pixel-sprite based game, and I thought the plotline and characters were perfect for the game and I think it's one of the best of the games as a whole.

FFVIII I could never really get into though so I'm half way through it and never ever finished it :/

I also reckon X had a good storyline and plot development, though X-2 probably dragged it on more than it should have.

The new battle system on XII was a nice fresh change as well and I had fun with that game for quite a while.
7, for story, main character, mini-games.
9, for skill/item system, gameplay, mini-games, and a hell load of KWWWWEEEHHH.
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7. I havent completed half of the FF games. I get bored...yet I've completed 7 and 9 way too many times. As someone said, the job system was really cool, but materia was the best.

Bah, I'm gonna go try to beat the two kids in Sphere Break on X-2. I hate Sphere Break and the quota is 40 >_<
I'm going to have to buy 7 and 8 again now that I've been reminded. My 7 crashes at Cosmo canyon and 8 crashes during the intro.

Squall had to be the most annoying main character ever. What a miserable cunt but apart from that an awesome game. I remember calling Rinoa 'Ifrit' for no real reason ages ago. Good times.
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There's already about 5 "ONLY FF THREAD"s but, what the hell.

FF8 is probably my favorite. It's not so much about the game persay, but I've become emotionally attached to the music from it.
FFVI, VII and IX. As for the above poster, I'm emotionally attached to the music of all FF-games (bar XII, oh the horror). Nobou Uematsu is a genius.
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i only have X haha but it is great. Love the gameplay, the scenery ( I wish i could travel Macalania forest it is so beautiful), the characters, graphics, everything was amazing. Had a stupid ending though
im gonna say ff9 is my all time favorite game, i related to the characters and such
loved everything about that game

also like ff7 and kingdom hearts (count that as a cousin game lol)
FFX is the greatest game I've ever played. Honestly. It hit me for some reason, like no others have before...but not I haven't palyed video games in like a year.
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FF9 was the best, X is good but lacks humour, and the music is lacking. FF9 had a good storyline, good soundtrack and the way you could travel the world map was good, x lacked that and the music was just wierd!. FF7 had very corny graphics but when you get used to it, its is a good game. There was good mumour as well but the music was allright....... FF8 was prob my least favourite, good but just to serious, good stroyline though.

VII, or X for me.

VII - I was really good at it, and it had a great storyline

X- I loved the sphere grid system, and it was nice to have with PS2 graphics when it first came out.

The music on all of them is awesome
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