Ok, so i have ordered a new Epiphone Valve Standard amp and an Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer to compliment. Im flogging my old Roland 60 cube because i found it lacking charecter !

My question is, with the new amp and tubescreamer, will i still have use for my Boss MD-2 pedal?

You may do, depending on how heavy a sound you want to get. Best idea really is to wait until your stuff arrives and see what sorts of tones you can get without the MD2 and then, if you feel you need it, then use it. If not, then put it away/sell it or whatever you want to do with it
Thanks very much for your response. I in addition to blues/rock, i also like to shred! so i will wait and see thanks!
Should've got a Maxon OD-9 instead of the Ibanez TS but still should be a nice rig. And yeah a TS and Epi valve amp won't get you very much distortion for like death metal or anything. Should do rock and blues fine though.

Might be a bit vintage-y sounding for shred but I dunno much about that stuff so I could be wrong.
I play virtually all styles, so i may just use specific pedals to get the tones i require!
My rig will consist of a TS808, BossDD-3 and a Boss MD-2 for now. Perhaps someone can recommend something for heavier tones that might suit the amp?

you ain't getting heavy tones out of a Epi VS
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