im looking to buy a new guitar, as the title suggests probably an ibanez JS100 or an IC400, or maybe one of those xiphos things. i play instrumental rock, hard rock and metal, that sort of thing and i was just wondering if anyone out there knows good things about any of these of these, from experience with one, having read things or whatever. Or, what would be another good , versatile choice for about $1500 australian, which is about $1200 US or 600-ish pounds.


EDIT: does anyone happen to know the pros and cons of the actual sound of the 3 guitars? cause that would be handy to know too
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Avoid the JS100.

Seriously, I had one, and the trem crapped out on me in around a year. I didnt even use it that much.

The IC400 is a great guitar, and will sound even better with a pickup swap.

If you want something with a floyd, I'd look at the Jackson DK2M. Fantastic guitar, and the trem is pretty damn sturdy. Its also a straight swap for an OFR if you need to.

What amp are you using?
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Because of the fixed bridge, I'd say IC400, but obviously I'd be tempted to lean you towards the JS100. Not for you I don't think.
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the JS100 is a great guitar i have owned 1 for a long time and its never ****ed up once, the edge trem has been great, rarely goes outta tune, imho the edges are far superior than floyd roses, from my experience the trem arm on floyds get loose and they just look like big chunks of metal, edges are more graceful.
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$1500 you can get a pretty decent guitar, maybe a prestige model ibanez even

if your anywhere near the gold coast, try www.guitar.com.au

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deffinently IC400 just change the pickups and move the strap button (personnal preference) and its an awesome guitar
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