im trying to start playing indie songs like babyshambles, holloways, arctic monkeys... y'know that kinda squeeky modern british indie thats about at the moment. ive got one or two riffs but kinda stuck cuz its a whole new concept to me (indie sounds very jaunty and off key) so is there any scales, chords, appregios or even feedback anyone can recommend i use to get better at it

muchos thankies
i love playing indie it will become easyier when you practise as it's no all that hard, half of it is just mainly playing chords so just practise changing chords fast, open, power and barre chords
essentially indie is more jangly and free, so instead of power chords use full bar chords, don't overuse riffs, use plenty of different ones per song, and re-arrange them. It's not that it's off key it's that half of the singers aren't particularly amazing. Try different rhythms, and different styles. The Smiths, Stones Roses, and Blur are probably the stereotypical sounds associated with indie, the quirky eccentricities are quite obvious in vocals guitar bass and drums. Give em a listen and emulate them for a bit, and see what you can develop. most indie isn't that complex either, and most of the riffs are based in generally the same area of the guitar.

good luck
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alot of the arctic monkeys is just a very watered down version of the blues scale, tbh i wouldn't waste my time because it's to simple and the only thing its good for is getting your head round unconventional chords, but what ever floats your boat i suppose.
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this definately isn't a "advanced techniques" question, this may get moved (or possibly closed) NOW had you asked "how do i do 2 handed sweep tapping" then it would definately be in the right place.