hey guys

im just wondering

to desolder, can i just use a soldering iron to melt the connection between the pickup wire and the pot and pull it apart? thx

i heard u have 2 use this vacuum item but i dont know where to get them, thx
any good hardware store should have the soldering pumps
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You can get a pump, but I've never been able to work out how to use them properly tbh. I just melt the connection and pull the wires apart. Does the job fine.
thanks for the help guys, now i feel more comfortable to melt and pull
Melting and pulling works well. If you want to have a nice clean pot, though, you'll want desoldering braid. You pretty much just stick it in between the solder and your iron, and let it heat up. It'll then suck up all the solder on the lug. Very nice.