Hey guys. Looking to pick up a new guitar for around $700. I don't have a guitar center or anything around me, so I need some advice. The only two I really have in mind is the Schecter c-1 Hellraiser a the ESP EX-400. What do you guys think?

Oh, and I'm still pretty much a beginner. Just over a year. My amp is a Cube 100, and although I'd like to, I won't be upgrading the amp anytime soon.
well i bought my ibanez s470dxqm for 650 online. you can probably get it for cheaper at a real store and maybe buy a pedal with it
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Heh... i just sold my s470... but yeah the hellraiser plays great and so does that esp... ummm i guess what you should do, is find a store and actually play the guitars you are interested in... thats the best way to shop...
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Schecter C-1 Classic or Hell Raiser Hands down. My C-1 Classic outplays most Gibsons, Fenders and Ibanezs. It's a killer guitar for the price. Lets just put it this way, if it cost $1600 I'd still buy it.
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my only advice would be to actually go somewhere and play all of these guitars first. sure they may be great instuments, but you need to play the guitar that you personally like the best. not just based on specs and pictures. so fill up your car and start jamming
Yeah, I hear great things about the c-1. I dig the looks of the exp though. Anyone have experience with the Synyster model from Schecter?
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The shecter C-1 is a great deal, I considered it, but instead I bought the ESP ec-1000 for like $730 check it out IT ROCKS!
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How is the avenger hellraiser? It looks like pretty much the same guitar, but I like the style a bit more.
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synyster gates thing is ok but not worth the money

i would totally buy that guitar if it didn't have that damn A7X bat and SYN on the fretboard

i mean, i love a7x and all, its just kinda tacky
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I personally like my Jackson DK2M Dinky. It'll cost you $630 off Musicians Friend, and somewhere around 700 bucks straight up from a regular store, so price range it suits you. It plays awesomely, very comfortable, et all. Overall a very good guitar for the money, and it looks like genre-wise, it'll also suit you. Plus, it looks kinda cool.

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There both great guitars. You would be satisfied with both, so I suggest you play them first to see which is more comfortable. If i were in your situation, I would get the ESP

Also, +1 for the DK2M Dinky. You should give it a look too.
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