I saw him in 2005 Really good live. I haven't got much of his work, but what I do have I really like.
wouldnt be any relation to John Scofield would it?
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I think that Matt Scofield is great. I have met him a few times and he is the nicest bloke, he was really keen to impart knowladge about the guitar to me when I spoke to him after the show. When I've been to see him there were about 15 other people and he still put on a great show. On thing I think he should do more though is sing since he has a great voice.

It's strange that when I first saw him I had never heard of him but since I'm into blues I went to see him (at the time I was about 15) and now he is in guitarist magazine every other month.

Isn't he playing in Holand alot now though?