I don't know if those pauses are supposed to be there in the intro or if it was just something weird my Guitar Pro was doing importing the file, but I didn't like that if that's how it's supposed to be. I would just keep it going without the pauses.

The solo in the intro is sweet. Very good.

When the electrics come in, that riff sounds a little to generic at first, but then once you get to 47 it's all good after that. The solo at 90 was also pretty sweet.

The next acoustic solo is nice. I liked that a lot. The 4ths harmony was a little unexpected but it sounds pretty cool.

The part after was alright. It was pretty abrupt, which I'm sure with drums you could make it sound better. The part is not bad, it was just kind of an odd change over to it. The solo and everything is good though.

The transition back to the main riff was sweet. It sounded really weird at first, but it was a good weird.

The intro to the solo with just the whole notes was kind of boring, but the sweeping and all after that was pretty cool. You started getting some weird harmonies though around 254 I think with the other sweeps.

Overall, good job, man. Just a few things that could use some changing but for the most part it was pretty sweet.
i must say, that its sounds quite epic, and long, i like it.

some of the harmonies sound a bit off in the solo bits, but ti could just be midi.

i loved the acoustics in the intro especially the solo.

ah, not much else to say really, i enjoyed the whole thing, but like the other guy said "theres just a few things that could use some changing but for the most part it was pretty sweet"

oh and for the crit on mine
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Part 1 sounded really good, except at times got repetitive. While Part 2, didn't like it as much. It didn't seem like a song, just a few chords played over and over and over again.
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