usually ebony is only used as a fretboard wood.
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Very bright. I'd advise you not to have it made from Ebony.
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Ebony is very dense and very heavy. As stated above, it would be ridiculously bright. As a fretboard wood, it's considered the brightest. You'll have a hard time finding even ebony caps for guitar bodies. A google search only found ebony bridges and fretboards. I don't see the point, really, in making an all-ebony guitar in the first place.
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It would cost a fortune and you'd end up with a 30 lb guitar that would sound like you're being stabbed in the ears with an ice pick. Not a good idea at all.
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Probably isn't the easiest wood to work with either. Sure would look pretty though.
Contrary to the other posts in this thread I have seen and played guitars made out of ebony (acoustic guitars) and they've sounded great. It's expensive as hell and heavy too; it results in an almost piercingly rich tone.
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You can get solid ebony necks.

Also blackmachine custom guitars have an ebony top on a really thin basswood(?) body with a solid rosewood neck.

It can be done but it wouldn't be worth the money I don't think. Build a guitar with mahogany or some other body and put an ebony top on it.

Also ebony needs a lot of looking after. Even just as a fretboard it's not like rosewood where you can just forget about it and oil it every now ad then. Ebony tends to crack when it gets too dry so you'd wanna be pretty mindful of changes in humidity etc.

Unless you finish it with a thick poly coat or something but that wouldn't be very nice to do to such an expensive guitar.
A solid body guitar made of maple is usually too bright for most people and ebony usually sounds just a touch brighter than maple. If you wanted to get as close as possible to an ebony solid body, then perhaps maple is the wood to use for the body with an ebony top.
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As stated, it would be very bright and if left solid would sustain for ages. You'd also end up with a massive pile of blunt tools from working with the stuff.
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Have any of you actually ever played a guitar made of ebony? They sound amazing.
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Never liked ebony fingerboards as they are WAY to bright for my taste

Interesting, because cellos,violas and violins have traditionaly used ebony as fingerboard wood. Maybe it's bright due to the frets, wouldn't stainless frets make it even brighter?
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