Hey all,

I had a brief look through old threads, but couldn't find anything like what i'm after - so don't flame me about asking "n00b" questions.

I'm building a new pedal board - the current board works great, but it's a bitch to transport. So instead, I'm using 2 smaller boards, that I can connect together when when I get to the gig/rehearsal!!

The idea is do-able, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to power it all...

here's a helpful diagram, to explain my problem:

the board on the left has space for the power unit, the one on the right doesn't.... can anyone think of a way I can power those 4 pedals, but without having to drag lots of cables across the stage?

could I make a lead that could power all 4 pedals, and if so how?!?
i have a daisy chain adapter... but i can't ever get it to work properly - i can never work out amps and voltages and all that jazz.... anyone able to help with that?!?
ok, here's my thought...

can I take the +ve and -ve from each DC jack, and combine them into 1... like this:

then make them detachable where they join... so that there's one connection for 4 pedals.... Thoughts?!?