This is my first time restringing and RGX520DZ and I noticed that when I tuned the new strings in the FLOATING TREMELO SYSTEM leans all the way forward.

I know it shouldnt be like this because its near impossible to use the WHAMMY when its leaned so far forward and becuase the strings dont stay in tune long enough for me to lock them in place.

I really need help. I should be using my guitar tommorow so for this to happen is very stressing for me.

If anyone can tell me what it is i've done wrong or what it is I need to do inorder to keep my FLOATING TREMELO SYSTEM floating in the middle rather than leaning full forward then I shall be EXTREMELY thankfull.
You actually like a floating trem? A few companies sell hardware that are called tremstabilizers...if i were you...buy one...it will save you headaches
Thanks for the link.

But im still not clear on my problem.
Could it be that I didnt stretch the new strings?

Could that have caused this problem? If so how?
What's happening to the Floyd? Sinking or rising forward?

If it's rising forward, slacken the strings and tighten the screws at the back *of course get the back plate out first* then tune to pitch to see if it still rises, if it does. Repeat.

if it's sinking, slacken the strings, have something to hold the FR in place then loosen the screws at the back, tune to pitch then see if it's leveled out.

did that help?
What do you mean by "screws" (juts wanna make sure)

and also

What dya mean by back plate?

Btw- the trem sytem is rising.