Hey, the input jack on my guitar fell through completely. First the nut and washer came off and then i accidentally pushed the remaining jack into my guitar's body (which is a semi-hollow body). This is not under warranty and is a common problem as I am told. Does anybody know a way to fix this at home instead of taking it to a shop? It is an Epiphone Dot semi-hollow body. How can i get the input jack back up?
uhm well... fish it out or something....

if theres a removable plate on the back take it off and push the jack back through then put washer/nut back on and tighten it up

theres a few ways to keep it from happening again. you can use loctite (blue, non permanent king), wrap it with teflon tape (like i do), or just muscle it down real good, and i guess you could put anothor nut on there (2 nuts act like a locking nut) but that would look funny on your nice guitar