In the Led Zeppelin song Since I've Been Loving You, I'm trying to improvise but because of my inexperience I'm with difficulties to figure what scale to use...I tried with a Major D# Scale, and it sounds good...but compared to the original solo there are notes that don't match in that scale.

What I want is that if there is someone that is good at this, explains to me what scales/mode to use in this song!

I know that is a very specific question but...anyway if anybody can help me...

Thanks! (sorry but my english is not very good)
I'm not an expert at this...but try C pentatonic minor or maybe C minor
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you have to use the C minor pentatonic or the C blues scale:

this is an useful box...try to move it round the neck

Yeah that scale sounds good too. But when you say to use a C minor pentatonic, in the song I will have to go up and down with that scale in other tonality along the music?
Not neccessarily, you could just hang out on C minor penta or C minor scale (aka natural minor, aka aeolian mode) the entire time.

Most of the solo is a mix of both of the above (not just the minor penta, as someone above said)

In addition, Jimmy makes it sound great by targeting the underlying chord tones. For example, you're soloing in C minor. When the chord changes from Cm to Fm, emphasize the notes of the Fm chord (F, Ab, C). Ditto when chords change to Gm, the notes of the Gm chord (G, Bb, D). Notice that in both cases those notes are in the C minor scale, so you don't need to knock yourself out about changing scales along with the chords, just think about the underlying chord shape.

Or for a different sound, you could also try changing scales along with the chords, for example using F minor penta, or even F natural minor scale over the Fm chord, G minor penta or G minor scale over the Gm chord. A few notes in those scale may not jive with the underlying chord, so you can either avoid them, or you may enjoy a little slight dissonance

For the big outro section (over the Ab Fm etc chords) you might want to mimic Jimmy's melody line, since it's so recognizeable, off the top of my head, something like this:


(jeez I hate tab, and I hate having to screw around with monospaced fonts just to post it...) anyway, the above is the top two strings, I've left off the bottom 4. Those are whole step bends, you play the note, then bend up a whole step, IOW, you let the note sound a bit before bending, didn't know how to notate that in tab

That whole song is basically a glorified minor blues...

i iv i




bVI iv

.... except for the last few bars:

i v i bIII


Guys thank you very much, specialy you guitarviz, great job!
Now I have a various ways to improvise that beatiful song!
Great analisys! I really needed that explanation, because I'm very weak in scales...
Possibily I will apear with more doubts like this, and I hope that you can help me!

And the tab is good to, it sounds like Jimmi plays!

But you know, what I admire mostly? Is the way that guys like you can figure in what tonality is a song, do you know what I mean? Some day I wanna know by listening a song, if it is in C, F, B, etc. But it needs a trained ear, witch I don't have!
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guitarviz: The tab is fine, on my screen atleast. Perhaps use the code tags next time though.. so you get something like this:

Sorry about that!

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Do you guys know were do I find a backingtrack for this song (Since I've been loving you) with voice (I don't even know if it exists...)?

The backingtracks that I found, don't have voice...and with voice will be much better...