Hello everyone, sorry if there's a thread on this already, I don't come in here too often.

I have a classical guitar which I would like to use in a gig, so I was wondering if there was some sort of pickup I could get for amplification. The problem is, my guitar doesn't have a strap button, and I don't want to drill a hole in it either...

Is there any way of amplifying my guitar (apart from using a microphone) without drilling a hole in it?

Thanks in advance
you can use piezo "Oysters" (as they are branded from Schaller I believe) which are little round transducers that you put on the underside of the top to pick up the sound. You can wire them to a jack that is on the outside of the guitar without drilling anything into the guitar.
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I seen some classical/electric guitar before, or at least that is what the ad said.
You could get a transducer pickup (which are relatively cheap and quite similar to peizo pickups in sound) which basically just stick on the soundboard (top) of your guitar with either 1 or 2 bottlecap sized buttons, they aren't adjustable in anyway and are completely passive so if you get one of these you are better off getting one with 2 points so you can manipulate a better sound. This'll cost £10 to £40 for a good'n.

Or alternatively something like a Shadow SH EC22 which is a condenser microphone that fits into your soundhole with the help of a tiny bit of velcro. It is a bit pricey at £120, however.

http://www.shadow-electronics.com/viewpro.html?id=61 = EC22

http://www.shadow-electronics.com/viewpro.html?id=54 = Transducer

There are other brands who do them too though. But Shadow are up there with Fishman.
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