I'm currently saving up for some bass gear and while I'm waiting I thought it might be worth me seeing if I can get any pointers or some stuff I could play about with on my strat, so I was just wondering if there's a bass players equivalent to total guitar to get me started?

I'm planning on getting lessons when I've got a bass and amp sorted out. Total guitar did help me out a little its just that Guitar was the wrong instrument for me......... Took me God know how long to work it out, but at least now I know.
Bass Player magazine, Bass Guitar magazine. Not sure about any others mate.
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i used to get bass guitar and i liked it. the only reason i don't get it now is because the subscription ended and i'm too lazy to resubscribe.
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just use total guitar? the root notes on bass are the same. only difference is techneque. personally i play guitar and bass.

mmm no. Unless you take in account those root notes, figure the chord changes and make a walking bassline, and I doubt you do that. So it's really not the same.
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Bass Player magazine, Bass Guitar magazine. Not sure about any others mate.

I think Guitar World consolidated. Guitar World magazine contains Guitar World, Guitar One, and Bass Guitar magazines. At the very least, Bass Guitar Magazine is no-more.
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