This is for fans of the Infamous UK Band Oasis. They are my favorite band and one of the best bands that have ever been formed. If you rank them out of the top bands from England, you'd have to think that they are at least 3rd behind the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Noel Gallagher is a genius and his brother is a hero. Noel writes better B sides than most bands write normal songs. His lyrical prowess is phenomenal and his musical creativty is also quite sound. Liam is a true Rock Star and is a hero to be modeled after for all bands looking to make it big in the future. His voice may be starting to go, but he's still got the poise to be around for a while. Does anyone know of any future albums or have any info on their new movie coming out? Post anything from favorite songs and band members to whatever else you want (like past experiences or anything else). I shape my music around Oasis and hope to continue the sound they have created for the future.