Anyone else got this guitar from starter bundle from Gear4Music? Ive had it for about 8 months and i dont really know how it compares to other guitars as im a bit of a noob. Do you reckon i should get a new guitar if ive got the money or do you think this one will be fine for a while? Im hopefully forming a band soonish but we wont be playing for ages obviously. Please help! (Ive played few other guitars but dont say try them out in shops because i know what guitar ill prob get i just want to know what other people who own this guitar think of it)
Is it a copy of a strat? Cause my old school got three of them in and ive never heard such a bad guitar, ok it was probely the amps but they were kinda rubbish to play as well.
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Yeah Strat copy. It ddoesn't seem that bad to me but then again what do I no.