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i play it in C major personally (check out my link in my sig for my electrified version)
Bagpipes! Yes I know that version you're talking about.

Anything with bagpipes will usually be in key of A. Actually somewhere between key of A and Bb, depending on how sharp the pipes are tuned. Maybe even slightly higher or lower. I'm not a piper but I like them a lot, go to the scottish games etc. (where they'll usually end the games with a zillion pipers playing Amazing Grace) Its funny to see the leader of the pipe band walking around with a little handheld tuner, holding it above the pipes of each player.

But on guitar it's easy to play Amazing Grace in key of G. You can use open third and fourth strings to noodle on melody line in between chord strums (except for the high D note, where you could use third fret second string).

So if you want to match bagpipe tuning while using that G fingering, you could slap a capo on the second or third fret.
so in G with a capo on the second or third fret or the key of A or Bb without. maybe a little higher than that. k. thanks.
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Its a folk tune, not a classical piece; there is no "proper" key. I transposed mine from a gospel piano player called Ethel Caffie-Austin who plays it in F.
I play it In a C as well . I think its a nice key for the song.
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On the off chance that anyone aside from thread starter (who I've already pm'd) was listening, I gave out some wrong info above. I said that bagpipes usually play in key of A or Bb (depending on tuning), so if you wanted to play along with them that's the key you'd want to play in (capo'ing if neccessary) Well, that's true in most cases (bagpipes usually play in key of A-Bb), however for some songs that is not true, and Amazing Grace is one of them. In that song the drone note on the pipes (A-Bb), instead of being the root, functions as the fifth, so instead of key of A (or Bb), you're actually in key of D (or Eb).

moral of the story: if you want to find out about bagpipes, talk to a piper, not a guitarist