Yeah, it's my birthday on the thirteenths, and my parents are giving me some money, to spend on gear, which (combined with my own), will come to around £350 (maybe a little more, if I theres something thats really worth the money)

ANYWAY. I was thinking of getting a cab, and maybe an EQ pedal of some sort (I would prefer it if I would be able to get both with the £350). I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to cabs, but I'm pretty certain a 15" would be better suited for me than a 4x10, seeing as I play a five stringer, which is sometimes tuned down a step .

Anyway, I use an Ashdown Electric Blue 12-180, which is 180 watts at 4 ohms, and I'd probably use the 12" speaker in it along with the cab I'll buy.

These are some cabs I found, which ones seem good?






Thanks a lot, UG
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Happy B-day brotha!

Personally Id use that money as a jump start on saving even more money so that I would end the stupid cycle of buying things little by little until you have what you really want. Why not just tough it out (unless your gigging or something) with what you got and save that money towards an amp that will be worth more to you in the long run?

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Well, I have a combo, which has two speaker outputs, so I thought I would be able to use that.

Thats a fair enough point, Beleuchtung, but I've always wanted a 15", and I don't see myself needing to replace it if I get one. I dunno, I guess I'd just rather have something to use sooner rather than later.
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i looked at them and both of the ampegs are 8 ohms so you wouldn't get as much power as you would from a 4 ohm speaker. The warwick didn't seem too great either imo so it came down to the trace elliot and the hartke. you'll have more wattage handling with the hartke for if you ever upgrade with the hartke. and it's good to have multiple speakers pushing your sound with lots of headroom. But Trace Elliot is a great brand that makes amazing products. but there is only one speaker and only 300 watts instead of 500. I really don't know between those two. If you're going to be moving the rig often i'd probably go with the Trace Elliot as it's much smaller. But if it's going to sit in one place mostly or just get moved a bit(or you are big enough to handle it no problem) i'd probably get the hartke.
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Okay, UPDATE. Extra £100 to the budget haha.

Out of those cabs, I've decided to get the Hartke 215. BUT (there's always a but) I found this and this .

I know the Ashdown's an amazing amp for rock, but I was wondering whether it would be able to handle the bass of my five stringer, and if it would be able to do metal (let's say I'm aiming for something similar to John Myung's tone).

And I was a bit iffy about the the cabs for the second one? Are they any good?

Whaddaya think, UG?
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