I've been trying to find the right kind of Jazz-ish guitar sound and I have just found a song that contains just the sound that I have been looking for. See if any of you have heard this, it's by a South African Band called Blk SonShine...


The song I'm specifically referring to is called "Building", you can check it out right on the website.

So I had two questions I suppose. First was, where can I found more artists like this?! This is the kind of jazz-ish acoustic sound I have been looking for and want to play, but I haven't found anything like it, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough? It seems like it'd be more prevalent, but if anyone could recommend anything, I would be most thankful, artists or songs.

Second, I have been trying to tab the song (the intro chords sound like Diminished 7th to me?), and if any more experienced guitar player could help me out I would be most grateful (I have very little experience in transcribing a song by ear).

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Checkout 'Raul Midon', awesome guitarist/musician. And his mouth trumpet is
Awesome mate! Thanks a lot, I really loved his stuff! Any other recommendations from anyone on this genre / any help tabbing out the song?