I need ideas for songs if you have any please put a message in this topic or in my inbox. I will give you credit for everything you give me and my band, but I'll just make it musical.
I like to use just 2 chords in the verses sometimes and try to make a really good chord progression for the chorus. That's all i got.
Or, you know, you could come up with these ideas for yourself.
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^ god forbid he attempt to write something for himself.....

edit: how about writing a song about a guy who can't write his own songs so he posts on a guitar site in the theory section asking people to write his music for him. make sure the lyrics are nonsensical (cuz you know, he can't write his own songs) write the song out of any known key (cuz again, to reiterate, he can't write his own songs) and then sing it really out of key (because finally, he can't write his own songs)

this song should contain much cowbell.
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Erm, I'm not quite sure what you're asking for...

Do you mean you want a ghostwriter?
yawn, he wants your music. all of it. he wants to use it and take credit for it but have no part in writing it. he basically wants to be a pop star.
What the hell?

You want others to write songs for you?

No offence , but if so, you should just start a cover band.
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^UG's King Of Fail.
Heres a good sounding riff:


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*chuckle* A peanut. With a face.

Go to your staff paper and re-write this song a half step down so on the paper it'll be like you have a "C" just move it down to a "B#"

Know your theory, then play like you don't.

you really think Iwant to take other peoples stuff just so I can rule the bloody world. You are really a physcopath aren't you. These people are helping me a lot right now because my guys that help out are out of town and nowhere to be seen. On vacation at the beach. Anyways I don't want to be a pop star, nowhere near that. But I will tell you that I'll get farther than you have in your career.

Anyways back to the music i want is something upbeat heavymetal, linkin park, 30 seconds to mars style. I want music that keeps people wanting more, that keep people jumping up and down bouncing their heads and bodies in the air music. I want anything you people can help out with anything you can.
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I'm going to have to jump on the "You fail" bandwagon.

If you want to write Linkin Park songs, just tune your guitar to drop D and play powerchords while rap/singing vaguely ambiguous lyrics.

EDIT: I'm not even going to comment on the thing about you being more successful than anyone here.
Try fast chord progressions with galloping rythm (Q-E-E) or play the i-bvi slowly an add fills at the 4th quarter of the measure
You should totally do something that goes "chugga chugga squeal, badarsery legato wankage, glass-shattering wail, finger-bleeding angels-descending-from-heaven-to-listen solo, then finish it off by burning your guitar and riding off into the sunset while firing your pistols into the air repeatedly". But seriously, if you don't feel strongly about what you're writing then it won't turn out well regardless of what's actually in the song. With that in mind, a good bassline can be a very substantial part of getting people "pumped", and that seems to be one of your primary intentions with the song you want, so... Regardless, all of the creative input we can give you is pointless simply because we aren't you. Nobody but you knows exactly how you wish for your song to turn out, and so nobody but you can really write it. Also, I 100% agree with z4twenny's cowbell suggestion. Sheer brilliance.

Additionally, your personal attack on z4twenny was uncalled for. He may have been harsh in how he phrased his message, but his point was valid. Nobody can really write your song for you. I also think that if your bandmates are truly as noncommittal towards your progress as a band as you are making them out to be then there is little hope of advancing...well, anywhere in your career, much less farther than others on this board who can and do write their own material. You may also keep in mind that many of the people who have posted so far saying such things as "you fail" and the like are really just trying to help you. That old "Teach a man to fish..." proverb. In any case, good luck with your song.
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