I might be getting an alder squier body form a friend for free, and I have a few questions. I'm sorry if this has been asked already....

Will Fender USA parts fit onto this body? Im talking about a new neck...all new hardware probably. If i remember correctly, someone said squier bodies are thinner. Am i correct in thinking this?
I don't have the cash right now to buy a real USA strat.. but do you think the tone would be similar enough with all fender usa parts / SD(or maybe bareknuckle) pickups? This seems the cheapest way for me to make a decent guitar (without acutally buying a usa strat, which I dont have money for right now).

Thanks all, in advance.
The necks are about the only good things about squiers. Id keep the neck, and just replace the Pickups, Tuners, Electronics, Maybe a new paint job (If its not your sort of colour etc). Not really worth getting a new neck for it, seeing as the bodys are like 3 piece alder.

What you could do is sell the Squier to get some mroe cash, then get a body of the internet etc, just do a parts-o-caster or something.
Most Squier bodies are thinner so you cant put the bridge on from a american strat as it will have a bigger block that would come out the other side of the body
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^ not on a fucking US you wont! haha, nah i know what you mean, But the par is going to be so much higher on a fender than a squier. If it wasnt, everyone would be buying squiers over fenders.
make sure all the companies you order from have good return policies that way if you run into any problems you can return the parts.