I'am in a jazzy-progressive psychedelic jam band, phew!. Ha anyways i want to expand my sound, thus finally getting some pedals. That being said I dont really know what I need(other than a synth) Any suggestions about what i should think about buying?
A chorus, distortion, wah, envelope filter, delay, loop station... I think that's it. You obviously don't have to get all those but those are most of the common pedals used in jazz-progressive-psychedelic-jam bands.
I think a distortion/fuzz, and an envelope filter would be best.
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in other words a ME-50B or a GT-6B? i swear by stomp boxes for guitar, but the quality of the bass multis just seems so much better imo. and i know of them being gigged too
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at first i was wondering how you could not have pedals in a band like that and then i realized you play bass. i would say multi effects would be the way to go, but if you want to go the pedal route and are only able to get one then i would say wah.