Social kingdom,
Take all your freedom,

Life is so short why lie?
Burning fields pepole Fry.

Screams in the distent time,
Bullets fly.

Hell swallows all
Purging the land of the wicked.

Out of the darkness
Demons roar

They hunger for more.
There is no hope

No time to mope
life catches up fast

Smoke billows out of the city
Buildings Crumble

Save youreself
Save someone else

Life is no lie
Raidoactive dust flys

Raidation creeping across the land
Taking whom it wants, falling to the sand.

An invisble death, don't run
It'll catch up with you
it's everywhere under the sun

Life is no lie
So pick up the pieces and try

Time is running short
Better find a way

Don't believe what some say
Live your life out as fast as you can

Disease infects the land
Thehowling wind of silence

Scattered across the world
Life is no lie