i play all styles of metal and play lead and rythm guitar i have good gear and know a good bit by the way iam 17
i am another guitarist who is looking to form a band, chaosheart and zakk, would y'all be interested in forming one? im 16 and in charlotte btw
Use your imagination, use your whammy bar.
I would like the idea, but I'm like 3 hours away from Charlotte. I go to school in Pembroke by the way, and my home is in Durham, but I'm staying in Pembroke..I just hope we're so close together cuz IM ready to start some serious bandleading
ChaosHeart, my band practices in North Raleigh, not all that far from Durham. If you'd like to get together and jam with us sometime, please email me at Arktouros6@gmail.com. We're looking for more members, and are pretty serious about this band. Hope to hear from you.
I have a good drummer and place to practise outside of charlotte in denver so yes iam very intrested do you have a car
I hit you up with a message
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