I Basically want some kind of chorus that can give me as close of a Fender Rhodes sound as possible. What kind of Chorus (or any other effect if chorus isnt the deal) would I have to get? Rhodes is the best, but some b-3 I would NOT argue with.
I know that his sound is very middy sounding overdrive. If u have a tube amp, a Tube Screamer would be good. idk what else u could use. Boss and EHX make good chorus pedals.
No need to specify. "Fender Rhodes" and "b-3" is plenty enough info. Some people are just r4wkzorzzz \m/ \m/ !!!!111!1ELEVEN!!!11 Metalheads, or eeejits, as I like to call them (I'll burn for that). And I have no idea about the effect. I've been listening to some on Youtube, but I can't think of anything that will even get close except from some kinda guitar synth.
These go to eleven...
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I heard someone recreate that kind of chorus, I can't remember where and when it was, but it sounded just like it with the exception of the attack of the pick.
A light chorus effect, with no pitch oscillation might do the trick. You'll probably want single coils, and an amp similar to a Vox AC30, if you have something like an EHX wiggler you could mess around with some very slight vibrato. You won't get anything like a b3 or hammond organ, and there's no guarantee that you'll get the sound. You want to roll back on the tone on your guitar, too.