i have two guitars
one is a schecter omen 6 with a screamin demon closest to da bridge and the other is a knock off of an sg

recently my schecter has been crappin out, my knock off sounds better than it!
i was wondering how do i fix this? the screamin demon lost its tone and gets less distortion

what do i do
id say just get new pickups or get the wiring checked out. I would do the second option first, before pending more money than i have to.
Wiring might have come loose. Recently my neck pickup point on the selector was a bit temperemental, not always coming on when selected.. Rewired, voila.
sounds like a potential ground loop. check the wiring
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grounding loops usually mean buzzing, but yea. you probably dont know what to look for there to identify a ground loop anyway, but yea...

check the wiring real good though, make sure all the connections are solid. the silly littly asians that wire our guitars like to just lay the ground wire on the output jack ground-lug and solder it on there so it comes off after a while so that you have to have it repaired.

can you give more details of the problem?