what is the thd hoiw plate and what does it do im not interested in buying one i just like knowing all i can know

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It's an attenuator, used to reduce the level of the signal being sent from your amp to the speaker. It allows you to crank the amp without deafening yourself, though apparently you lose some of your tone (I've never used one).
Hey man, look into Weber attenuators.

Basically, attenuators reduce the output volume, and increase the power amp OD, as if the amp's being cranked, but the attenuator makes the output volume lower.

Anyway, weber attenuators are cheaper, and apparently suck less tone, which is a generaly side effect of using an attenuator.
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A hot plate for an amp reduces wattage and rly helps on tube amps for practice. using it on a solid state is just dumb imo.