So I'm trying for a musical called Aida, and I need a song to try out for, I'm thinking something from Metropolis, Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater, or something from the Hedwig and the Angry inch soundtrack something musical like. If anyone has any other suggestions it would be much appreciated. I am a high tenor btw.
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Generally, if you're auditioning for musical theater, it's best to use a musical theater piece. Get a copy of the tenor edition of the Singer's Musical Theater Anthology. It should have something that would work for you. Amazon.com says list price for the book (any tenor edition- looks like they're up to three editions per voice type now) with 2 CDs is $39.95.
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scene 9 dude, that would pwn
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Aida a musical...

its an Opera by Verdi
is there a musical theater version?

Yes. It's based on the opera, with a similar story, but with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice.