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yeah my day was a mess.

1. got to school late and prayed for a quick death jk
2. new school, took me 5 minutes to find the gym with instructions
3. waited 1 hour to get my time table and line up for pictures. had to go to the back of the picture line since i forgot my card. Took 1 1/2 hours total.
4. finding my locker, wow what a mess. Went to office they pointed out that it was on my timetable so I spent 10 minutes finding it with the help of a grade 11 kid (asked after 8 minutes of looking) after trying to open it for 5 minutes i went to the office and they told me to go and get the serial number. couldn't find it got lost. took 1/2 h total
5. finally got to my block 3 class
6 end of the day, couldn't find the front door(yes the main entrance) took me 10 minutes and i finally got to my mom(yes my mommy picks me up from school)

so basically i waited all day, waited in the gym, waited to find my locker, waited for school to end

by the way i'm a freshman
also i was dead tired.

how was your day

how was your day
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You had a much worse day than the other guy complaining about his first day at school. Well done for creating a thread based on actual problems.

Anyway, you'll get used to the school soon, it's nothing to worry about.

Oh, and my day was good thank you.
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Didn't you visit the school first? Before my first day of high school I knew where everything was.

Yeah but the orientation day was pointless, i still didn't know where anything was
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My day was good

I sat here and played pokémon

I've got over 200 now

Quite an achievement there.

I've got 300.
My core classes suck.
today was actually my second day of school, and it was pretty good. I'm starting to learn the names of my classmates, and the locations of my classrooms. hopefully, It'll only get better.
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Wasn't bad so far. I was home alone most of the day, and still am. I only had an hour of school, just go to your homeroom, get the info and stuff, meet up with your friends, all that crap
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somtimes i run, sometimes i hide, sometimes i'm scared of you but all i really want is to hold you tight, treat you right and be with you day and night.

I had a fairly decent day thank you
My first day at school was a field trip at a kayaking place. Two of my friends from middle school also go to my new school, so I basically hung around them the whole time. Less "shy and afraid of new people", more "feeling anti-social and don't feel like interacting with these annoying people" kind of thing.

Jesus, I couldn't shake these girls off us. I caught a few girls staring at me on the bus ride, and they wouldn't go away when we were eating lunch. A couple of them were hot, but I had a good time with my friends, but most people there were pretty annoying.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Quote by GiantRaven
My day was good

I sat here and played pokémon

I've got over 200 now


Well TS, that's what being a freshman is like. . .

Except for me, all my friends were juniors and I dated a sophmore, and I was the hero of the school when the Dean dragged me off the stage mid-class-election speech for insulting her policies.

True story really.
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Second year of college. Was glad to find one of my buddies in 2 of my classes for today. We went to Pizza Hut after our last class. Pretty chill.
My day was pretty good besides the fact that my schools population has like tripled with new grade 9's. I thought there was to many of them last year and now its even worse. We only have one main door to get in an out of due to construction/renovation of my school and everyone feels the need to just stand right in the middle and talk. Its ridiculous.
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It was my first day of highschool today. It was ok. I didn't get lost and no one said I was going to get "Initiated". In class I had to sit and listen to the same things over and over.
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what a ripoff

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Quite an achievement there.

I've got 300.

Come on, there are only 150, are you catching Pidgey's all day?
well, i think you're emo because if you weren't emo you would've said so in the title of this stop whining you silly emo
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Mine was fun. 12th grade!
I got high before school.
Don't remember first period at all. (I was ****ed up)
Woke up briefly during second to shout "Sodom! Yeah!" and give the metal horns when they asked what kinda music we liked.
Started to sober up at lunch.
Acted like a total asshole in third period. They asked everyone to go to people they didn't know to answer some questions. I stumbled over to some dude and asked him whether he'd rather be gay or retarded given the choice.
Finally by fourth period I was sober so I still just kinda sat there.
Senior year's gonna be fun.
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well, i think you're emo because if you weren't emo you would've said so in the title of this stop whining you silly emo

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someone else started a very similar thread but in the title they decided it was necessary to say "not emo" i just found it hilarious...
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Ignorance is bliss. Oedipus ruined a great sex life by asking too many questions.
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Is it odd that I get an erection every time RageAgainst... posts?

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My day all had ironic twists to it.

At the beginning of school I had a loft (loss of free time) because my teacher said that my schedual didn't chnge until after I had skipped her class, but I had gotten it changed and watched the guidance counselor type it in. I had to have my guidance councelor sort that out.

Then during the worst class of the day, bio (cause i hate science and none of my friends were in the class) my friend gets her classes changed so shes in my class. I was so happy, until my teacher told my friend to move away and work at another table instead for no reason.

Then my band teacher pulled me aside before class and told me that I had done a stupendous job on learning a jazz song so fast on the bass ("so what" if you want specifics), but then hands me back a paper with a test I had taken that I had flunked miserably.

Then, at the play tryouts that were today, I got nervous and my hands started to shake, and everyone could tell because there could her the paper in my hand raddling. not fun. Everyone told me that I did good though and they wouldn't count me off for being nervous. At least my friends were honest and told me they knew that my paper was shaking.

So, today it was an eventful day, but I don't know if it was good. Any thoughts.
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I don't start college until next Tuesday at 1:15. How awesome is that?!
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
Grade 11 kids at your school help freshman?

Some people have nice schools...
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Grade 11 kids at your school help freshman?

Some people have nice schools...

yeah dude i think he was a geek. he liked black metal though and megadeth.

i think the reason he helped me was because i have this kickass megadeth shirt with the peace sells but whos buying album cover on the front and all the songs on the back. Kick ass shirt

anyway, froshing is a BIG no no at my school. plus the kid was smaller than i am
sucked, i ended up with no friends in any of my classes, not even any freinds at lunch so i sat at the retard table alone, i also went to lunch twice, the first time on accident when i was actually supossed to be in german class, so that was a wreck, i've gotten math homework and civics home work, on the first ****ing day!!!!! i also lost my god damn bus and was the last one on it, so i had to face the whole bus glaring at me...god damn it was pure torture...

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Last December our town was in the middle of building a new high school, so Christmas break was a week longer than usual because they were fininshing up... then, late that April we had a huge ice storm which kept schools closed for 2 weeks.

Thats why I started school 3 weeks ago.
Twas my first day of high school today and I felt pretty stupid. I mean all my friends are in none of my classes except for PE. And I am a very socially challenged person.I just can't go up to people and talk to them not how I work. So I'm sitting by myself looking like a complete tool while everyone else. Who already all know each other are chatting up a storm. But on the plus side I do have the same really hot girl in 3 of my 5 classes. And I'm pretty sure she was checking my out during PE. Could be just wishful thinking though
My first day at college was like yours. We had an induction day 2 weeks ago, got a tour of the college, talk from the principle, all that stuff. 2 weeks on I still get fucking lost.

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pretty good, im going into 11th grade

have friends in almost all my classes except team sports which i think im going to switch out off, so it seems good, and my lunch is awesome.
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Pokémon Diamond foo'


the whole thing ended after Red/Blue/Yellow
well i got half way to school then i got explosive diarhea and went home and sat on the toilet for an hour. good day overall.
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Pokémon Diamond foo'

Nah, these new Pokémon games are to Pokemon as A7X is to metal.

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lol, poor you. Funny though

I had my first day yesterday, which was more an introduction to get my student ID card and computer account etc etc. It was okay except the train, I arrived just in time, had no time to get a ticket and was verbally abused by a train man for twenty minutes when I asked to buy a return from where I'd just come from. Wasn't best pleased. But I don't have to go again until Wednesday, when I start for real.
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I don't start until Thursday
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