Im in a guitar class in High school. not too many of the people know alot of songs, and all of em have acoustic guitars. our teacher isnt too great, but it would be nice to use a little of what we learn in some songs. so does anyone have some ideas of songs i could teach some kids?? they should be popular (he tought us one of Bob Dylan's sons songs form the 60's. no one kenw it), easy, and fun to play. I know Effect and Cause is easy if u like the White Stripes. otherwise, i got no idea. thx in advance.
working class hero by john lennon

it only has 2 chords,
but if you want to play it right theres a little bit of picking before strumming
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blink-182 songs
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well its not that popular but the intro to dogs is cool just dont have them tune there guitars down.
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Bad Moon Rising - CCR
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
Closing Time - Can't remember the band (D'oh! )
Good Riddance (Time of your life) - Green Day
Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan

Wonderful Tonight (Acoustic) - Eric Clapton

i love playing those songs.
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