Well everything is in the title, i got a tab who has been reject and i want to know why? Everytime we reject a tab we must write a text why we reject the tab for helping the author of the tab... So were did we see people who comment the tab we send??


Some word can be bad i speak french...
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There are no individual comments for rejected tabs, simply because of the sheer amount of rejected tabs daily.

What song/by who did you submit the tab for?
Its was the classic Abc song... But its not the only tab i got reject... We must alway leave a comment why we reject the tab for help the author make it better.

Please leave your comment on this tab so author see what's wrong with this tab (and obviously fix it). If you don't want to leave a comment click OK

If we leave a comment to the author to tell him what worng with his tab but he can't see it... Why did we leave a comment?? For fun? Dont know... Or maybe its just in my head

Someword can be bad i speak french...
I don't know because I haven't submitted any tabs, but I believe you go into your profile. From there go to my contributions which is down the list. Once there click on Tabs. It should show your rejected tabs I think. See if you can find it.
I've search there but i find nothing...

Thx for trying...

Someword can be bad i speak french, its the third i say that...
you don't have to leave a comment

when you click the tab your voting for click reject then a message should turn up saying something like ''at least 25 charaters'' don't click inside the box just click send