Ok, I've looked at the documentation that came with the GX and I've searched this forum along with a couple of others and I seem to get conflicting information on whether or not the GX can play back over the computer speakers while you're playing. Some say you can't but I have read statements from others that 'sounded' like they were hearing playback from the speakers. I can't seem to find a way to play mine back over the speakers using the toneport, the gearbox software, and audacity. Audacity records it fine and I can play back the recording with no issues. I just can't listen to it as I play. Anyone have first hand knowledge or something definative?

You can get one of those chords that has a headphone plug on each end and stick one end into the toneport and the other into the computer. That's what my friend does. Other than that I can't think of anything.

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you have to plug speakers into the headphone socket or just do as i do and use headphones its not much hassle to be honest.
all your sound devices should b set to ur toneport as its hardware
from there you plug your speakers into your toneport headphone jack while your toneport is in its usb
and that way you should b able to hear all sounds coming from your computer as well as anything played through the guitar when gearbox is open
this is how my set up works
you dont even need the double ended 1/8" jack cable
not for mine anyway
just make sure your sound devices are set correctly
I think the GX toneport only has a line in, volume knob, and USB output.
now heres how I think it should all work but i've never used one of these units...

you should be able to hear what you are playing while you record and when you hit playback you should have it setup so that the sound card on your computer plays the audio back though your computer speakers being as theres no hookup for monitors on the GX (that i know of...).

check the play
through box in the Audacity settings. that will play what is being recorded at the time but if theres delay just un-check that.
right next to that check box you will have a setting saying something like "play other tracks while recording new track..." you will want that checked at all times.

just play around with settings and call Line6 if you must...theres got to be a way to get it to monitor your recorded tracks as you record a new one.

and if not, you can always upgrade to the UX1...
Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm just going to stick with headphones for now since they work just fine.

Moody, the information you submitted is correct for listening to a recording while you record a new one and that works fine. Problem is when you're just playing for fun (not recording).

Anyway, I'm good now. Will stick with the headphones till I get tired of dealing with them and then I'll come back to this and try some of the methods mentioned. Thanks again guys for the responses.