Ok, today I was talking music theory with a friend at school about different scales and modes. He asked me something that led us into a conversation about minor scales. I was wondering if anyone could explain this confusion of the minor. Example: I referenced to my music theory books "Guitar Grimoire" and it only has harmonic minor (flat 3 and flat 6) and the melodic minor (flat 3) plus the pentatonic minor but, we're talking about 7 tone scales here. So, why would musicians confuse the Dorian that has a flat 3 and flat 7 with the minor scale? Is it just a reference or do different genres use different variations of the minor? Asked because, I am learning the melodic minor modes.
because its not a "minor scale"

however, dorian's tonic chord is a minor (or minor seventh if you extend it), which might give it a bit of a "minor" sound
I'm not entirely sure what your question is? But the Dorian mode is a minor mode. Ad does your book not mention the natural minor?

As for you genre question, classical music frequently uses the harmonic minor scale rather than the natural minor I believe... And thats a big generalisation.
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I think you're just confused with terminology.

ANY scale with a b3 has a minor *quality* (as opposed to major).
But, saying *the* minor scale probably references the natural minor, aeolian mode.

Dorian, Phrygian, Aeolian, Harmonic minor, Melodic minor, etc.... all have a minor
*quality* to them.
No, I understand the terminology. Flat a Major get a minor, flat a Perfect get a Diminished, sharp a Major get an Augmented, sharp a Perfect get an augmented, flat a minor get a diminished, I know that. What I am asking is which is the REAL minor scale and do people just say minor scale loosely without specifing the other altered tones? And, no the book doesn't mention the natural minor and that f'ed up because it was like $30.