I'm having a bit of trouble with getting independence between my 3rd finger and my pinky, anyone got any advice to overcome this?
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try using nothing but your index and pinky and also ring and pinky, use no other fingers. try riffs, scales, songs, or whatever.

it takes a lot of practice to manipulate them to do it because 1. they share the same muscle and 2. it's not a very natural thing for the hand to do.

another thing is to isolate your ring or pinky
do a chromatic run without moving your pinky (start extremely slowly, concentrating on the pinky not moving, it doesn't matter if you play sloppy) then do the same for your ring. this trains one to move without the other
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Some Racer X riffs will get that going! Try playing the opening riff of Racer X - Scarified. Or anything really based in minor keys, Ozzy - Crazy Train too.
palm down, put all 4 fingers on a desk or table (exclude the thumb) lift your middle and pinky then put them down, now lift your ring and index and put them down. Repeat X 1 million, it really does work. Once you get the hang of moving fingers in various combinations the world is your oyster my man!
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Just practise man, took me a while but now I use my pinky regulary.

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Try Doing These Execises, They Are From Flamenco Guitarrists To Have Finger Independence. You Have To Keep The Finger In Its Place Btw. In Exercise O Ne Dont Move The Index Finger, In Two Dont Move The ,middle Finger And Etc.

The Page Is In Spanish, But Just Read The Tab, If You Have Doubts, O To Google Translation

Hmm, those exercises definitely seem like they'll help, I have to practice those. Thanks for that link, I wouldn't have thought of exercises like that.
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