I just recently bought the 212 Peavey Valveking. Awhile ago, when I went to switch from the lead channel to the clean channel, the sound cut out entirely. I checked the volume on the clean channel and it was set at about 1 or 2. I had been playing earlier with it at this volume and it worked fine. But now i need to turn it up to 7 or 8 to get anything. The lead channel works fine. Anyone know why the clean won't? It's BRAND NEW so I have no idea what could be wrong.
Check the powervalves in the back - are they glowing strong orange/red? If so turn it off and contact the dealer for replacements
A dodgy valve is the most likely suspect
They didn't seem to be glowing any brighter than they did originally, but I'll look. If it's not that , any other ideas?
if its brand new then it will still be under warranty

so take it back to where you got it
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It's seems to be working now for some reason... If it does it again I'll take it back. When I looked at the tubes when the amp was on, when it was on standby they glowed orange, and when I switched the standby switch to On, a little bit of blue appeared. Is this normal? Keep in mind I'm fairly new to tube amps.
A little bit of blue is ok. Just electricity ionizing a few molocules of impurities in the gas. It doesn't sound like a tube. Check your footswitch and volume pot. Next time it occurs unhook the footswitch and try channel switching from the front panel. The little switch button may have some dust or metal shavings in it. Also the volume boost switch in the front panel. Click it on and off a few times (with the amp volume very low.) The footswitch may have the same problem. If its new and this keeps occuring take it back.