I should be getting ready
any time know
and any time know
my day will run out

I am going to be late
I am going to be late
but do I care
but do I care

time is going by fast
faster than I
look at time go
I have nothing but smoke

I cant catch
whats know chasing me
which is darkened by

there goes time again
where do I stand
where do I stand

lost in a moment
when time flys by
everthing Is rushing
and I am going blind

disapearing into darkness
watching everyone leave me
becoming lost in another
part of history

forgotten before left
blind to perfect eyes
god is this a test
or am I being left behind
ok first did you mean to use the word know=no instead of now,or is that a repeated typo im not going to be mean because other than the know,now thing i really liked it although i think you could've used a few more commas and maybe a period here and there, but other than that i thought it had metaphorical meaning (if you meant i dont know) one more thing i really really like the TAKE one big gasp of air right before i get there so i know the first thing i say will take your breath away. that was great
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