My songwriting tends to be based around lots of arpeggios (either on piano or guitar), power chords and pentatonic soloing. A lot of it ends up sounding somewhere between Cyclefly and Snow Patrol, and most of it ends up with a vibe of fragility in it.

I was hoping to try and write some songs with a slightly more agressive feel to them (not as far as metal, just more rock and less fragile), what kind of techniques should I use to get that stronger quality in the riffs?
more tension, faster paced, more chaos (more notes), theres a lot of things you can do to make it more aggressive
loads of distortion and minor chords and scales
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Listen to alot of the artists you want to sound like and learn from their techniques


pretty much just listen to and learn from different types of music. also try to think of your guitar less as a guitar and try to emulate other instruments be it a violin, horn or piano. this can also make you think differently about how you play. say to yourself "what would a trumpet player or a flutist (sp?) or a pianist play here
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what kind of techniques should I use to get that stronger quality in the riffs?

Aggressive alternate picking, wide vibrato, scorching bends etc.
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You can throw in a progressive feel, like in some sort of x/8 time signature, or maybe 5/4. Sometimes that odd feeling pulse adds something to the music. (Symphony X's Paradise Lost, the song, has some great parts with x/8 time signatures. and weird rhythm pulses). Actually, on that same album, the 2nd track, Set the World on Fire, one of the first riffs feels like 7/8 9/8 alternating, but is actually still in 4/4. Just try different ways of organizing the notes,s rhythms, etc.

..... I just wrote a bunch of stuff I'm hoping is understandable. I didn't sleep well last night.
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Distorted power chords with constant beat. A lot of "minor 3" step and a half intervals
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Try writing with a faster tempo, it should make things more lively.
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I can't believe how much flute talk is in a thread about making more aggressive music.
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well like i said, im not suggesting per se to put a flute piece over your 220 bpm, 16th note low chugging visceral uber metal riff (although it might sound cool) i'm just suggesting to think of it less like a guitar and more like music and different instruments.