So here is a little song i wrote and i was wondering if anyone had any input on it. Bad or good and such. Be honest, criticism is welcomed as long as youre not being mean just for fun.

Keep Repeating

Verse 1:
We shoot to kill
And we’ll take no prisoners
I hope you know that you’re pissing in the wind
We might have been
But mostly never were
You should know that we’re beyond our suffering

Learn to take what you dish out (You’ll learn a graceful fall with practice)
Here’s a taste of your own medicine (Repetition is your friend)

Verse 2:
We give it all
And get nothing in return
Your attitude dims my awareness
Light the match
Toss it and watch it burn
I’m against the forgivingness

I can feel my numb hands
Thawing out with predictable chance
honestly no harm intended, but i personally wasnt really feelin it when i read this.what i exactly i was tryin to feel could'nt tell you, but keep repeating didnt do it for me
It's good, but perhaps think of a different title. 'Keep Repeating' Doesn't seem to fit. I can't think of anythying at the moment, but I'll get back to you.